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Our passion

Records have never been gone and "Vinyl" lovers even. As a lover of the better vinyl I have had the opportunity to make a profession from a hobby. That is also what I want to convey with the heart in the logo. Audiovinyl focuses on people who expect something beautiful from their precious LPs, say the audiophiles among us. What I cannot and want to assess is the quality of the music. After all, it is very personal and a matter of taste. What I do judge is the quality of the pressing and the quality of the sound. You can go to Audiovinyl for all genres, if it is qualitative good. We place these records under the heading "audiophile".

Selection policy
The policy of Audiovinyl leads to selection at the gate. I listen to everything that could potentially be a good album. Limited editions, 45 rpm, 180 or 200 gram, artists that are known to pay a lot of attention to their recordings, certain studios or labels. Are you successful then you get our heart. Ascending from good to reference plate with 1 to 3 hearts. Of course, we do not throw away the plates that do not pass through the test. That would be a shame because there can be fantastic music. Audiovinyl also sells these plates at a reduced rate. We listen to everything on a good set:

Turntable Zafvino ZV8 X, Ortofon Cadenza Bronze (ATR 4.0, Germany)
Phonoamplifier Tom Evans 20th anniversary MkII (Studio Wittman, Stuttgart, Germany)
Pre-amplifier Accuphase C-2120 (Hans Audio, Hoorn, Netherlands)
Power amplifier Accuphase P-4200 (Hans Audio, Hoorn, Netherlands)
Loudspeakers B & W 804 D3 (010 Hifi, Rotterdam, Netherlands)
Loudspeaker cables Audioquest (de Oak) (010 Hifi, Rotterdam, Netherlands)
Interlink Tellurium Q Ultra Black II (Real Fine Audio, Gorredijk, Netherlands)
Phonocable Siltech (Siltech)
Powercables Audioquest Thunder HC (010Hifi, Rotterdam, Netherlands)

Our mission
We listen to our customers. We want to be a platform where experiences are exchanged. Are you running into a store against a nice disc, or at a trade show, at a dealer or anywhere else, share it with us and the other customers. Our goal is "more than satisfied customers" that we like to enter a long-term relationship with.

In short, you happy, we happy.